Posted by: Chelsea Novak | May 27, 2007

Tea Time

Today was a nice day. I did something bold and instead of staying home to do dishes or go OCD on the house I joined M and Mike downtown for some Starbucks and meandering. At one point Mike had to go home and M went off to get his hair cut. This meant that I got to spend a lot of time puttering around Queen West.

When M and I reunited and were heading back to the car we passed this great little tea shop called Tealish. M and I have always shared a love of tea. I hate coffee and M appreciates any opportunity to explore the fineries of life, so tea has always been something we’ve been interested in.

Back in Prague M would get really interesting loose leaf teas, while I would spend a lot of time in the local tea houses. He would have teas infused with whiskeys and bourbon while I was learning about chai and honey teas. My bridal shower last year was at the Royal York where I experienced High Tea for the first time. It was very awesome and I was really happy to be able go again a few weeks ago when we made it a work outing to go back again.

So M and I found this tea shop and spent a good half an hour smelling different blends of tea. We came out of there with four great blends. I got two types of chai; a yerba mate blend and a black tea blend. M got a vanilla green tea and we got a lady grey tea, since I thought it was wrong that all the black tea we have in the house is chai.

As we left we got two teas to go. M a chocolate yerba mate (as Kari will tell you, Mate will mess you up) and I got an iced roobios. It was a tea-teacular afternoon. It’s great to be living in a city like this where I can have access to so many interesting things.




  1. i never like yerba mate, rooibos is OK. i love green tea and strong black tea. my fav cup would be gunpowder green tea and keemun black tea with milk and pink rose bud.

  2. Aah, you stole my punchline. I was prepping to post just that before I even got to the last paragraph.

    “Mate will mess you up!”

  3. lameness
    when you say tea you mean pot right?

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