Posted by: Chelsea Novak | May 14, 2007

In the market for a yoga mat

I’m not entirely sure how it happened, but I joined a second gym on Sunday. The very same gym that my husband goes to. It’s very close to home and they have shiny new equipment, not to mention amazingly good pricing. I’m still staying on at my gym downtown as it is crazy convenient after work and having two workout buddies could mean that I will work out more, which means I can eat more and really, that’s all we’re working for here people.

Aside from the shiny new equipment, this new gym also has yoga classes. I’ve never really done much yoga, though my sister swears by it. It’s just been a little too touchy-feel-y bull-crap for my taste. Still I’m always trying to do new things and keep an open mind. I guess there’s nothing wrong with becoming strong and flexible, but if anyone starts talking to me about my chakra or massaging my internal organs I may have to smother myself with my yoga mat.




  1. Totally hear you on the touch feely stuff.

    I did Yoga when I was in Boston and it was great. The key is the instructor (which I suppose is based on the ethos of the studio). I’m not really into the whole chanting, spiritual side of yoga. I just want to build my core and improve flexibility!

    you’re not alone!

  2. “I may have to smother myself with my yoga mat”

    yeah that would be a shame

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