Posted by: Chelsea Novak | May 11, 2007

It’s the cow time of year

It’s spring time and everyone is talking about their barbecues. Rightly so, for they are one of the culinary marvels of the world with the charred flavours bringing us back to our evolutionary roots when the fire changed everything. I’m pretty sure that when Prometheus gave fire to mortals, he did it to share the wonders of barbecue with humanity.

Barbecue season is especially sweet for me because it makes it that much easier for me to eat beef. Throughout the winter I make beef stew and chili at least once a week. Barbecue season usually kicks my consumption up to three or four times in a week and things are good. Oh so very good.

I try to eat as much beef as I can. I know that’s a very strange thing to say in this vegan-organic-green era as most people are reducing their red meat consumption and apparently being insufferably better people for it. Me, I’m always looking for more.

It’s not just because cow is the yummiest of all the animals that I eat it so much. It’s a BIG reason, but not the only one. Cow the best way I’ve found to deal with being anemic. Before you start with the “just take a supplement” argument, I must let you know that I take 100mg of elemental iron a day and I am just barely passing my serum iron and ferritin tests. Just to put that in context, pregnant women are recommended 30mg daily to prevent the development of iron-deficiency anemia. The average person, 18mg. My dietican wants to bump me up to 200mg a day and I challenge anyone to take that much iron without heaving. I just do not absorb iron well.

Doctor after doctor, scientist after scientist have told me the same thing, that the most effective for me to absorb iron is through eating red meat. And that suits me just fine. Beef is a much tastier package for iron than pills are. Plus, I’m a proud carnivore and my personal health situation makes it that much more fun to thumb my nose at vegans. I realize I’m coming down on them quite a lot. I’ve Just been through a serious attack of the preachy vegans and I’m a tad touchy about it all.

So it’s beef season then. Cows be warned, I’m out for iron and I’m hungry.



  1. Hey – If you’re not already familiar with it, there’s an iron supplement called “Hemoplex” that is light years ahead of any other for ease of digestion. (My doctor in Victoria recommended it to me for that reason, and she was bang on.) You might have to get it at a health food store as opposed to a pharmacy tho.

  2. Many thanks! I’ll look into it for sure.

    I’m currently taking Palafer CF, which is actually a pre-natal supplement (which is really funny to me). My dietitian put me on it. I take it just before bed (as I have to make sure I take it a safe distance from other things I take) and usually sleep my way through any stomach upset.

  3. mebbe you like cow so much because you are one

  4. I know I have enemies, but I didn’t know they were so lame. Bravo!

  5. Not just lame but lame AND wrong.

    I eat a lot of spinach for iron purposes, myself. Not that it helps much, but there ya go. =) My body doesn’t like to absorb minerals much, either. You have my sympathy as iron pills blow.

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