Posted by: Chelsea Novak | April 18, 2007

No, you really can’t cut in

Thank goodness for this blog. I swear it is one of the few places on earth where I can communicate without being interrupted by someone else.

I know that time is short. I know that some people just have to say what’s on their mind as it occurs to them. I know for some people it just has to be about them all the time. And 363 days of the year, I can cope with it.

It annoys me more than pretty much anything else, but it’s part of the territory when you are surrounded by a lot of really smart and exuberant people. I’ve come to terms with interrupters being the price paid for being around truly interesting minds. I’ll even wager, that in the time that I’ve largely come to terms with interrupters, I’ve become a bit of one myself.

It’s just those few days in the year, when it makes me livid, offended and most significantly, feel invisible. I’m right here. I’m talking right now. It’s my turn. I wouldn’t be talking if I didn’t have something of merit to say. We’re all adults. Can it really not wait?

And what to do about it? I could fight to continue what I was saying, but if it was actually that important, people would have been listening to me in the first place. Odds are I’ll just do what I always do, keep my mouth shut and maybe write about it all later. Maybe from this point on, I should just communicate electronically.



  1. As a frequent (but entirely unintentional) offender, I’ve decided to capitalize on my character flaw by developing some blog software that lets visitors intersperse their comments inline with the original blog posting, thereby interrupting you virtually.

    I’ll make MEEEELLIONS!

  2. It’s an evil plan, so I must respect it, though it thwarts me.

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