Posted by: Chelsea Novak | March 21, 2007

When the soundtrack of life gets serious

In order to tell this story I have to admit to something awfully nerdy. I don’t imagine that it will come as a shock to anyone, but I listen to movie scores on my ipod quite a lot. The Star Wars movie scores in particular. Stunning revelation, no. Appallingly geeky, oh my yes.

So this morning I had to stop by my bank to make a transfer between accounts that I had forgotten to do, and thereby make the clearing of some bills, well, a lot more clearable. I usually do this kind of thing from my computer, but I was no where near one when I remembered that I’d forgotten. I’d also forgot to put on my wedding rings today, so you can tell that the level of focus I have today is darn near spectacular.

I get to the bank machine and start my transaction, my ipod on, listening to the soundtrack from The Revenge of the Sith, the track Padme’s Ruminations in particular. I start my transaction, prepare to transfer money from one account to another and I get the message that my PIN is invalid. The music coming through my headphones turned seriously dark and dramatic as the error message appeared and the track changed to Anakin’s Dark Deeds. I had a double “What the hell moment” as I was confused by the error and also a little taken aback by how well the moment of confusion had been scored by my ipod.

Turns out I had simply mistyped my PIN, but having the sound of a choir and orchestra at full volume every time I make a mistake might make the act of making mistakes more amusing than annoying.



  1. Chelsea, I too am always listening to a soundtrack–SW, Final Fantasy, and a Dune junkie. The same thing happens to me all the time. Sometimes it really works nicely if I’m reading a book–I’ll put on a soundtrack to heighten the experience. But it’s funny when the music and an experience coincide–sorry if you got freaked out at the bank!

    My friend from Conservatory, Scott Glasgow, just sent me his soundtrack for Chasing Ghosts–it’s fantastic. He also just scored the new Robotech movie, so I’m totally proud of him, it really looks like his film scoring career is taking off.

  2. That’s really awesome news about the soundtracks. Writing scores is not easy. Do you think you’ll ever sing on a score for him?

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