Posted by: Chelsea Novak | February 25, 2007

Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel

I’m not entirely sure if I have mentioned this wonderful product before. If I have not, then I am a fool, for it is wonderful. I used to only use baby oil gel in the summer when I wanted to add a little bit of shine to my pasty, white legs come skirt time.

This past winter something compelled me to use it after a shower instead of my usual moisturizer. Like most Canadians winter for me is an exercise in moisture maintenance. An application in the morning, continual application through out the day on the hands and application before bed, just to prevent your skin from cracking.

When I used the baby oil gel mid winter I found that at the end of the day, my skin wasn’t even close to dry and didn’t need the nighttime application of cream. The stuff was amazing. It was really cheap and I needed to use less of it to stave off dry skin. I just can’t stop winning really.


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