Posted by: Chelsea Novak | February 23, 2007

Chanel: Age Delay Eye

I saw a photo taken of me at Christmas time that seriously made me cringe. I looked mostly okay, save one terrible development. I could see the beginning of Crow’s feet.

Nothing reveals your age like your eyes. I’ve crossed over into the part of life where my metabolism is slowing and my body just isn’t producing elastin like it once did. So it has come time for me to be more aggressive in my management of aging.

Enter Chanel’s Age Delay Eye Gel. It’s a cool pink gel I put on under and around my eyes morning and night. It’s big feature is the silicone in it that is really effective in smoothing out the skin and subsequent lines. It’s also handy in terms of makeup application as it really flattens the surface so that makeup will sit better.

There’s nothing I can do, short of surgery to get rid of the lines I already have, and I’m not about to stop smiling, but at least with the help of a gel like this I can stave off the development of more lines in the future.

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