Posted by: Chelsea Novak | February 7, 2007

The owls won’t see us in here

On Sunday I decided that action would be the best solution for fighting off the SAD. SO while M was out freezing his tail off looking for owls, I threw on season 1 of Twin Peaks (saw some owls of my own – the owls are not what they seem) and painted a nature scene on the canvas that as sat blank in my living room for the last three years.

(Aside: Every time I watch Twin Peaks it strikes me just how much I completely adored that show and what an indelible impact it made on me)

I then baked a pie for the first time in my life. From scratch. Crust, everything. It was a pumpkin pie. My family’s much renowned pumpkin pie recipe, hand written out for me by my grandmother. And while I ended up making the crust twice because I rolled out the first one too much and because I didn’t have powdered ginger or powdered cloves and instead used whole ones (doh), it wasn’t perfect. The crust was really good, but the filling wasn’t quite right. Edible, yes, but not amazing.

Still painting and baking are much healthier uses of my weekend time than sitting on the couch feeling crappy. And maybe, with practice, I will one day be able to make a pie that will be worthy of a place in pie heaven with the ones from the Double R diner.

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Dance of the dream man” by Angelo Badalamenti



  1. Re: Indelible impact. Me too!! It astonishes me how many lines I memorized and wrote on my denim-covered three-ring binder, because I thought they were so, so clever.

    “Oh, Ed, look at this…Completely silent.”

    “Shelly Johnson weighs 99 pounds soaking wet…That’s a big TV.”

    “Sometimes my arms bend back.”

  2. Apparently season two will be out on DVD on April 3… so they say, but it’s up for pre-order on Amazon, and, at last, it has cover art. I am crossing my fingers.

    “Diane, I’m holding in my hand a box of small chocolate bunnies.”

    “I’ve performed the autopsy in Jacques Renault. Stomach contents revealed, let’s see, beer cans, a Maryland license plate, half a bicycle tire, a goat, and a small wooden puppet. Goes by the name of Pinocchio.”

  3. Yes! The chocolate bunnies.

    I was trying to remember one about Tibet.

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