Posted by: Chelsea Novak | January 16, 2007

Mental mash-up

I’m not sure what’s up with my head these days. Chose your instability factor, insomnia, boredom, SAD, PMS, general neuroticism, and I think it’s factoring into my mental processing these days. The only way to stave off the ill effects is denial through entertainment. Just stick my head in the ground (and by sticking my head in the ground I mean sitting my ass on the couch, cuddling up with M and watching TV, so I guess that would have been a better metaphor, but it’s too late for that now, isn’t it) and hope that the malaise passes on by like a storm cloud.

The medicine I’m using this time around is the first season DVD of “Animaniacs” (given to me for Christmas by Mike (W00t!), the first season DVD of Robot Chicken (lent to me by Jenn (back on the blog again!) and the sixth season of “24.” Always take your crazy with a side of violence.

On Sunday I was down. Down right in the dumps and M had left me in the living room while he made some bacon and eggs. In his absence, and sick of my wallowing in abstract sadness, I put on the animaniacs. Like a morphine drip I was laughing and singing along with the show. (“I take umbrage at that!” “Sure, take all the umbrage.”) The good feelings lasted well over two hours and gave me strength enough to start reorganizing the art on the walls of our place.

That was until around 7 p.m. Then the sadness was back. But good news! “24” was on at eight. Happiness again! Absurd plot lines, violence and tolerance to pain again! The show is so over the top it’s fantastic and I simply must know who thought of the idea of biting a man to death. Like seriously, where does that idea come from?

You know what, don’t answer that.

Lastly, my saving grace is Robot Chicken. I’m just starting into the DVD and it’s great. While I was starting in, John R sent me a YouTube link to something from the second season that almost made me shoot my drink out of my nose.

Never underestimate the healing power of laughter.




  1. My mom said, “Good to know that I could bite a person’s jugular if I ever needed to defend myself.”

    I pointed out that you’d really have to be able to stomach the taste of blood whilst you’re biting hard enough to break the skin and all that other stuff underneath.

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