Posted by: Chelsea Novak | January 3, 2007

Holiday wrap

I suppose my appearance back at work today means that the holiday season is drawing to a close. It started with some sadness for me this year as I was down about M and I being apart for Christmas. On the train to Kingston, while the cold that often takes over my body as soon as I let it relax took over, I resolved to make the best of my holiday, even though I would be apart from my husband for three days of it. And I was doing pretty decently, though I missed him terribly, and I was rewarded for my positive spirits by yet another holiday surprise from my man.

Mid-afternoon on Christmas day I was coming inside after taking Zeus outside for a walk and my father called me into the living room for something. I walked into the room, look at my Dad, looked at M, then looked at my Dad again and said “What?” Moments later my brain synthesized M’s presence in the room and I exploded with glee. He had driven to Kingston a day early so he could be with me for Christmas dinner. And, as always, my family was in on it all. My mother even had me set the dinner table for six guests as part of the ruse. M is now wondering what he can do next year to surprise me to keep the tradition running.

The rest of the holiday was great. We spent time with friends and family, as well as some seriously quality time napping on the couch. There were a couple nights of playing Wii that resulted in a shocking amount of stiffness in the days after, but also in a tremendous amount of fun.

So while my holiday spirit arrived late, it made it in the right amount of time. The holiday season basically finished for me yesterday with the celebration of the wonderful M’s 30th birthday. We will be commemorating the occasion fully on Saturday with a healthy amount of friends, drinking, gifting and karaoke singing. I’ll try to refrain from making any ending the season on a high note jokes.



  1. Wii! I love those pictures of you playing. Looks like you’re boxing in one of them. I played for the first time last weekend with a friend who actually made Miis of Gandhi and Hitler. I was Gandhi and won!

    A week ago, I woulda had no idea what I was just talking about there…

  2. Uh, I still don’t have any idea what y’all are talking about. Looks like fun though!

    (I’m off to Google it.)

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