Posted by: Chelsea Novak | November 9, 2006

Shocked they even let me play

Because the collective lives of my very close friends (and bridal party: imagine that) seem to be coming more jet set by the year it was going to be challenging to get us all in one place to do the annual secret Santa draw, so Mike geniusly found an online Secret Santa manager, meaning that holiday shopping would not be hampered by the current physical distances between us.

So today we got our e-mails that it was on, and like some kind of primordial on/off switch I went from fairly sane person, to totally obsessed with trying to find out who has who in the draw. I’m not good with mysteries, secrets or surprises. I just HAVE to know. Last year I got, maybe a tad, obsessed with trying to find it all out. And I know that it doesn’t matter in any way. It doesn’t affect the time and thought we put into the gifts we get each other or the joy we share in opening them together. No bearing whatsoever, yet here I am. All twitchy and curious.

And I told myself I wasn’t going to be all insane about it this year and it’s been, like, 10 minutes and I’m already pestering people:

herhighnessness: Is that who you have???
feelafel: not telling
herhighnessness: I just thought since you brought it up…
feelafel: just stop
herhighnessness: But that would be a rookie mistake.
feelafel: 🙂
feelafel: unless, of course, I knew you’d think it was a rookie mistake
feelafel: and thus double blinded on purpose!

I should really just chill out and start shopping already.


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