Posted by: Chelsea Novak | October 13, 2006


Here we sit in the airport lounge at Pearson International. Maybe we should have played the “oh it’s out honeymoon” card at the ticket desk, but judging by the sourpuss that took our tickets, I don’t think that a young couple, oh so in love, would have had any kind of effect.

Our flight company seems interesting. There is a gaggle of older women, ranging in age between 40 and 60, no doubt off to see the wonders of the city of 100 spires. From the looks of it, there are about 15 women, all recenly loosed from their husbands. I don’t think Prague knows what’s coming.

Getting ready for this trip has been a busy-ass blur. But now that we’re about to get on the plane, all that can be done has been done, I actually have the time to be excited. Our trip will give us eight days in Prague, bisected by a whirlwind trip through northern Italy. Two nights in Venice and Florence each and then four days in Rome.

I’m really looking forward to seeing Venice and Florence again. I’ve never been to Rome, but I feel like I know so much of it from art history classes. We’re thinking of renting a Vespa in Rome to get the entire La Dolce Vita experience. I may need to procure a pair of absurdly large sunglasses if we do (not that my Italian-made Miu Miu glasses wouldn’t do in a pinch).

Another thing I’m considering doing is making a return visit to the Prada outlet store just outside of Florence. When I was studying art history in school and we’d taken a weekend trip to Florence, instead of spending the afternoon responsibly looking at divine frescoes, two other girls and I hopped on the Italian rail system and made our way to our own mecca. Sadly, outside of a wallet, there wasn’t much for me there (all the shoes were on sale for $50 and there were only three there in my size… all of them ugly).

So we’ll see what new things we discover this time. It will be great to be back in Prague and see our old home. I imagine it will shock me how much it has changed in three years (as I typed that, M said “I wonder how I’ll react to being back in Prague?” not even knowing what I’d typed. Not bad.)

Whatever it all turns out to be it will be awesome. I’m off on another adventure with my favourite person in the world (other than myself). I’ll try to update when I can, so watch this space.



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