Posted by: Chelsea Novak | October 11, 2006


Does it strike anyone else as strange that you have to do so much work in order to be able to take time off of work? And not just the work you work so hard for the money for, but everyday house and life work.

Ahh well. At least I had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend with my parents. On Saturday, I flew a plane (with my father’s aid and supervision) and drove a boat! If only every day could be filled with such amusements.

One day, when I finally find that mountain money that will enable me to do what I really want to do in life, my pilot’s license is way up there on the list. Way up there.

Until then, I will consider myself very fortunate to have a father that will take me up whenever I’m home to visit. It’s funny how you never truly appreciate how cool your parents are until you’re largely independent of them… and I thought mine were pretty cool back in the day.

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Learn to Fly” by The Foo Fighters



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