Posted by: Chelsea Novak | October 11, 2006

Jonothan Product

Walking through Sephora today I was targeted. The sales lady from Jonothan saw me and I saw her and we both knew that there was nothing to be done about it. She was going to show me some hair products and I was going to be impressed. Mightily impressed.

Really any conversation that begins with “Would you like me to add some body to your hair?” is going to be a good one. True I do have good hair. I’m good to it and I have some genetics working in my favour. I have healthy looking hair. Give me a blow out, it’s hair commercial time. All that in my favour I do have one thing working against me. Getting body in my hair is like getting blood from a stone. My hair is layered to encourage lightness, I use very light conditioners… still, I had to recurl my hair three times on my wedding day and that was after three hours of salon prep and curling, and leaving my curls pinned in my hair for another four hours. Body just isn’t easy.

And I don’t want to suggest that Dirt Texturizing Paste by Jonothan Antin is a miracle cure. It isn’t, but may be a small sign from a higher power that the tools out there exist to give me more body than I’ve got.

It’s always nice when the product-specific people are in the stores to show you how to use things. I spent a good ten minutes with this woman and learned a good days worth. I learned about Redo, the refreshing product that may enable me to further extend the period between hair washing. It may sound ick, but the less you wash your hair the better. Shampoo can be very drying on your ends. If you have long hair like I do, always try to concentrate the shampoo on your scalp. If you also have oily skin/scalp like I do, keep conditioners to the ends.

Because I have an oily scalp, but I have long ends that I don’t want to dry out, a product like Redo is awesome. Spray it all over your scalp when it has become unruly and oily and get another day out of your hair.

The last product that I learned about to day is the Leave-In Gloss Cream. After I’d been given a generous sample of the Dirt and picked up a bottle of Redo to take with me on vacation, the Jonothan product woman sought me out in the store to give me yet another sample. She told me to just put it on my ends after I’ve washed and dried my hair. Futhering the thinking that not all sections of your hair are the same and different parts need different care.

So far I am quite impressed with this line of products and am quite keen to try more.


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