Posted by: Chelsea Novak | October 5, 2006

Stila: Eye shadow pan

Well I went and did it. I finally gave in and got the Stila eye shadow pan. It was another one of those Stila events and instead of telling the makeup artist to do whatever I asked for a really, really pretty look that worked mostly with browns. I’m always trying the crazy things, why not try something classic.

What resulted was a great lesson in the classic brown eye. I learned to correct for my slowly slouching eye lids (Yay aging!) and learned an entirely new and exciting way to line the inside rims of my eyes to create a stunning evening look.

I came out of it getting chinois (a great base), starlight (for some lightness), puppy (my wonder corrector) summer (a wonderful warm brown), java (a dark chocolate brown for lining) and cassis (just becuase I can’t get enough of those purple eye shadows).

And not only did I get all that, but it was also super gift with purchase time that got me three more neutral eye shadows, a small black smudge pot and mini brushes and well as a travel size mascara.

My eyes can’t help but be pretty now.


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