Posted by: Chelsea Novak | September 26, 2006

Prescriptives Foundation

What’s an orange-yellow girl to do?

My dear friend and fellow beauty junkie Tyla gave me a fantastic wedding shower present. A gift certificate with a purpose. That purpose being to get my tail over to Prescriptives to have custom foundation made. I’m pale, but unlike most pale girls I’m yellow. Not pink. Not red. When I exercise I get whiter. I don’t blush. So most foundations look really strange on me. So much so that I hardly even use them.

But this process where they find the perfect match and make it for you. Fantastic and worth every penny (of Tyla’s :-)). I used the foundation on my wedding day I love it so much. It’s my skin colour but perfected.

If you’re looking to treat yourself and you want it to be an enduring purchase, go get this done. Have a custom-made lipgloss done while you’re at it. Why have what the masses get when personalization is so simple.



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