Posted by: Chelsea Novak | September 17, 2006

MAC Brush off

Sorry for the extended hiatus. Wedding planning was a boatload of fun, but consumed a lot more mental energy than I would have predicted. Anyway, back to products.

I’ve made a couple of recent purchases that have been pleasant additions to my kit. I got my hands on two new brushes. You really can’t have enough brushes. Learning to use brushes properly is the key difference between makeup that looks like you don’t wear it very often but you’re trying it for fun and makeup that does what it should; amplify your beauty.

Being the eyeliner addict that I am, the procurment of MAC’s 266 small angled brush has brought me to untold levels of glee. This brush will be your best friend this fall if you’re trying to recreate any of the heavy-lidded Mod looks of the season. When using it be sure to wipe of an excess on the sides of the brush and keep the colour focused on the angled tip, then pull your lid to the side to make your eyelid as smooth as possible. This will help you control the line much better. It takes some practice, but once you’ve mastered it, there’s nothing quite as sexy.

The other brush I’ve added to my collection is MAC’s 150 large powder brush. Becuase this brush is about $50 it was always fell to the bottom of my beauty wish list. Now that I have it, I’m sorry that I’d put off buying it for so long. I’d forgotten about the polish that dusting your face with loose podwer gives you.

Of course now that I have new brushes, I only want more. There are some great brushes out there by Stila and, should I win the lotto, I’m heading straight to Shu Umera in NYC to buy a completely new set.

Still on my brush list are (all MAC):

  • Short powerder/blush brush 129 (for travel)
  • Small angled contour brush 162
  • Buffer brush 182
  • Square shader brush 259
  • Medium angled shading brush 275



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