Posted by: Chelsea Novak | September 17, 2006

Idleness is the beginning of all vices

I had a small post-wedding crash on Wednesday of this week. It was small and easily rebounded by looking a photos and spending some time with my husband (he!), but a crash none the less. I really understand why people take off on their honeymoon immediately after their weddings. It prolongs the buzz and you get to just enjoy eachother, rather than sitting at work feeling bitter about being at work.

Of course by going on our honeymoon in October, we’re stretching out the wedding-related joy just a little bit longer. Which is all good in my books as the wedding turned out to be more fun that I’d even imagined it could be.

But what to do with myself now. Planning a wedding in eight months was like a super-fun part-time job. While there are still some things to get done (thank you cards, printing photos, etc), it’s nothing in comparison to the pre-wedding ramp up. I can honestly say that I truly enjoyed planning the wedding. Yes there were moments of stress, some sleepless nights and tears a few times, but as a friend pointed out to me, even if you’re upset or fighting about your wedding, it’s still awesome because you’re upset or fighting about your wedding.

So I have a sudden increase in my free time and rather then allow myself to completely crash I’m opting for a proactive approach. I started writing in one of the notebooks we gave away as favours and made a list of all the activities I’ve consistently enjoyed, in no particular order:

Music, Makeup, Flying, Dance, Painting, Organizing things, Scuba Diving, Shopping, Fashion, Photography, Art history, Film, Cake/dessert decorating

Then I came up with something I can do in the next few months to keep me active in those interests. Things like finally taking my double bass in to be refurbished so I can get back to playing, taking more dance classes, carrying a camera with me more often, visiting the museums and galleries in Toronto (they’re sometimes free on Fridays), attending from drawing classes and maybe a cake decorating class.

Ideally I’ll get going on at least one of these things, otherwise it will be boredom and introspection and it’s not pretty when I go there.

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Ready to go” by Republica



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