Posted by: Chelsea Novak | September 14, 2006

Alas for Toby

Another season of Rockstar has finished. I was honestly rooting for Toby by the end of it. I thought he might actually fit or at least be something I’d be interested in watching if he were the lead singer of Supernova. But with Lukas winning, I can whole-heartedly push the “super group” aside and pay them no mind.

I’m not really a fan of the band. With Rockstar: INXS, I actually liked INXS back in the day. Liked them quite a lot, so I had an interest in how the band found it’s new frontman. But I’ve never really been into Motley Crue, Metallica or Guns & Roses beyond the songs you might hear on the radio. And when Supernova would play their originals, I was bored. They paled in comparison with the covers, whereas I actually bought “Pretty Vegas” on itunes I found it so catchy.

So there came a point in the show where I realized that I wasn’t actually cheering for the contestants to become the frontman of the band, but hoping that they could get heaps of exposure and then be freed to make their own music. Case in point Ryan and Storm. I really liked them as performers, but I didn’t want to see them stuck playing with a bunch of old men, so I was almost happy for them when they were sent away.

Toby I found interesting, kind of like how I found Daniel Feldspar: The Stereotypically Australian Dragon interesting. Toby was a whole lot of fun and I think he would have been entertaining live. He didn’t take himself super seriously, while a lot of the people on the show were so into themselves and neurotic that it made me want to slap the television. Once he was eliminated this evening, I went back to doing the laundry.

I suppose it’s interesting in a “hey patterns are neat” kind of way that both of the Rockstar winners have been Canadians and that’s about where the interesting ends.

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Sour Times” by Portishead




  1. I knew you had a soft spot for hunky Australians…

  2. But, but, you’re Canadian…

    My brother notes (and has since this season started) that the Arrogant Canadian always wins.

    Bleh. Lukas. I miss Storm already.

    Aren’t you supposed to be on a honeymoon?

  3. Hey, I agree, I think they made a mistake. Toby would have been the popular choice… and probably give them commerical success for the short time.
    Curious to see what they do next summer with season 3

  4. I vote for Rock Star Alice in Chains or Rock Star Queen

  5. One interesting thing about “Rockstar” is that it apparently does quite well in Canada, while going virtually ignored in the States. So I don’t know if the Canadian contestants are at an advantage there, but there you are.

    How does this show work, anyway? Do the viewers call in and vote?

  6. Chris’ theory is just as Matt suggested…Canadians just watch this show more than Americans, hence our guys end up winning 🙂 (if you remember last year, both of the Canadians made it to the final four). I’m crossing my fingers for Storm and Ryan and hoping that we see them again….but I haven’t seen anyone else from last year yet.

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