Posted by: Chelsea Novak | August 30, 2006

Lost in the land of styrofoam peanuts and lobsters

Whomever supplies those to the Bay, must be making a killing. Seriously.

I have a problem. A semi-serious problem. I can’t get my house to stop smelling of lobster. Lobster is yummy, yes, but in no way aromatic. See, we had the gang over on Sunday night for a lobster BBQ, as Chris had been out east for the week and graciously brought back three of these oh so popular bottom feeders.

The dinner was delicious. Mike thought out some fantastic side dishes and we ate like kings. We then watched Brick, which is an amazing movie that everyone has to see. It will make you want to talk like you’re in a film noir and it will be hard to resist the urge to teem with angst in every waking moment you have, but it’s so awesome and worth it.

Sunday, a total, yummy success. But it lingers.

I’ve washed all the clothes, the sheets and the towels, washed the counters and the floors, fabreezed the fabrics I can’t wash, lit candles and used aromatic home sprays (ick!)… Opened windows, emptied garbages… I even threw out a skirt which, even though I didn’t wear on Sunday and I washed it twice, reeked of lobster because it was with the handtowels we’d used in the kitchen on Sunday in the hamper… And still the eau de lobster remains. Should I not be able to find a way to make the smell go away, I foresee me spending Saturday scouring my home with bleach.

What could the lobster smell have gotten into… Or maybe that’s what angst smells like?

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Rock Lobster” by The B-52s



  1. I totally empathize. My house smells like over ripe cantaloupe, a smell impervious to the most severe of kitchen bleachings. My assumptions is that Griffin has hidden a chunk of rind in some little nook that only his little kitty paws can reach. L’il stinker.
    I totally agree about Brick. Who would have thought anything good could come of a career start on 3rd Rock From the Sun?

  2. Ick! Any food smell seems gross after it lingers for a few days. You have lots of carpeting, don’t you? I definitely find odours take longer to disperse now that we no longer have hardwood floors. Sounds like you’ve already cleaned anywhere the smell could be lingering. Maybe it’ll just take a few more days of open windows and crossbreezes?

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