Posted by: Chelsea Novak | August 27, 2006

A new-found respect

…Or as much respect as I can muster for strippers.

I am in pain today. An altogether different pain than last weekend (phew), but pain none the less.

Yesterday Natasha and Dawn planned a wonderfully fun “stagette” day for me. I was really smart in my bridesmaid choosing I have to tell you. Everything we’ve done has been fun and not at all embarrassing. Which is impressive since I spent two hours yesterday at a pole dancing class.

Natasha picked me up early yesterday afternoon with her only instructions being “bring workout clothes.” So I did and she drove me to Flirty Girl Fitness, possibly the nicest fitness studio I’ve ever been to. The place was gorgeous and everyone was exceptionally nice. The three of us were signed up for a pole dancing class which the studio describes as “a phenomenal total body workout that builds fabulous muscle tone. Totally hot. Outrageously fun. Prepare to leave this class a Diva!”

And they were totally right. It was so much fun, but so much hard work. I used muscle groups I have possibly never used before and have a new appreciation for the physical strength involved in wrapping yourself around a pole gracefully and trying to look sexy at the same time. Not easy, but very fun to try to do, especially in the company of your best friends.

The rest of my stagette entailed a very yummy dinner in the company of even more friends, cocktails at the very posh Ultra Lounge and then we contemplated dancing at Velvet Underground, but the DJ wasn’t feeling our vibe. Which is really fine, since two weeks from now I will get to be the DJ and dance to all the music I really want to hear.

So all in all, this whole pre-wedding girly stuff has been super awesome. Fun, classy, not uptight and I managed to make my way through it without having to be out in public wearing a veil covered in phalluses (we saw one girl wearing one last night, poor thing) nor having to enjoy the special humiliation that comes with having to wear all the bows from your presents on your head. Thank you to all, but primarily Dawn and Natasha, for making the lead to up the wedding so completely awesome.

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Don’t Cha” by The Pussycat Dolls




  1. I, for one, thank you very much for saying yes to Matej, thus requiring a stagette, thus getting my wife to come to this event, thus prompting her to say “I might want to do some more classes there”.


  2. We took my friend out to a pole dancing class for her hens night two nights ago. I had the same new found respect then, too, and all we learned were three basic tricks. Now my muscles are killing me today, but I can’t wait to go back for more…

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