Posted by: Chelsea Novak | August 24, 2006


It’s one month to my 30th birthday. I’ve been really fortunate to have all this wedding planning and excitement to keep me busy, otherwise I think I would be miserable.

Turning 30 has not been something I’ve anticipated or approached with any kind of maturity or grace. I don’t like it, I don’t want to do it and the notion of it makes me sad. I like my youth and the flexibility it brings. Turning 30 seems like all kinds of things that I’m not interested in. Some that I am interested in, but a lot that I’m not.

Anyway, one month to go and lots of fun distraction that may help it pass without pain. I’m getting married to the most awesome person in the world and that makes me float on air. All floaty unless stuff like today keeps happening. When the staff at Starbucks shout to me “here’s your tea Ma’am” I die a little on the inside.





  1. I was there with you and it wasn’t that bad.. he probably didn’t even look at your lovely, young face! Jenn O.

  2. Yeah…Ma’am. That’s no good. But I’m almost 31 now, and I tell you, it’s not so bad. I still get a kick out of saying, “I’m 30!” For some reason.

    And universally, people are pretty surprised to hear it. I’m sure it will be the same for you.

  3. maybe he was originally from Alabama. I hear they call 12 yr olds Ma’am there.

  4. Speaking from the recent side o fhte big 3-0…it ain’t as bad as it seemed only shirt days ago. Sure I’m now 30….but inside i still feel about 25, honestly, and think I will for some time to come.

    Remember…you got friends over here!!

  5. I think it’s because you’re tall. I blame me not being tall on why someone asked if my parents were home the other day. See? Blame your height for everything, after all – it’s genetic. =)

  6. If you’re getting ‘ma’am’ed at Starbucks it’s undoubtedly because you look way more put together than a student would. Take it as a sign of respect!

    (Or just a near-sighted barrista?)

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