Posted by: Chelsea Novak | August 13, 2006


Yesterday Dawn and Natasha threw me the most fantastic bridal shower. Eschewing the shower games that I’m not sure anyone actually enjoys, Dawn set up an afternoon high tea at The Fairmont Royal York hotel. Could it possibly be any more perfect?

It was the best afternoon and the perfect shower for me. My dear friends, sister, mother and future-mother-in-law shared a seriously delicious tea with me (my first time at high tea, if you can believe it) and then I was given some seriously awesome gifts. I’ve been nibbling on the leftovers I brought home from the tea all day and been reminiscing about the whole high tea experience.

I hope this has set the tone of the rest of the wedding experience, cause I still can’t get over how wonderful it was.

Thank you all so very much!




  1. Very cool Chelsea! I am a big fan of the high tea myself – for obvious reasons. Glad you had a nice time, Jenn O.

  2. Nice work – trust Dawn to deliver the goods for her friends.

    Hope your wedding is as fun!


  3. I’m glad you had such a wonderful time!

    And I’m embarrassed, because I only got round to responding to the evite just before I read this post (I hadn’t read the date because I knew I couldn’t make it anyway). Durrrrr. Shows how on top of things I am right now.

  4. hey there, David’s Mum always took me to high tea, and there are some great places in TO that I should tell you about when I remember their names…this is a dumb question but I’m hard to get a hold of, and don’t worry about my hurt feelings if the answer is no, but am I invited to your wedding? I’m very out of the loop.

  5. Hey there, why don’t you use the “me” link on the sidebar of the blog to send me an e-mail. You are very hard to get a hold of, and I believe, somewhere in BC?

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