Posted by: Chelsea Novak | July 18, 2006

Biting my tounge

It’s almost too hot to exist, yet I retain the ability to be catty. I was going to write this whole post of what I imagined Avril Lavinge’s wedding vows might have sounded like (“So like, I really, like, like Derryk…”), but then got scodled by M who asked “why are we judging the wedding vows of people we don’t even know!” and what I should have answered with “Cause it’s fun and because if a magazine basically pays for your wedding because you’re a celebrity, then you’re putting yourself out there for a little mocking.” But I didn’t say that and I’m not going to mock Avril. Mostly because I haven’t written my own vows yet and I have been known to pepper by lines with the sporadic “like” and “you know.” And girls in white dresses shouldn’t throw blueberries.

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Thank you for the venom” by My Chemical Romance



  1. Hey! I just noticed your avatar. Your avatar and my avatar work in the same office!

    About Avril, she’s glammed up lately, hasn’t she? I wonder if she’s still all, “bleah! I’m a punk!”

  2. She’s at least still wearing a lot of eyeliner. Of course eyeliner use doesn’t really make you punk, otherwise I’ve been punk for years and as you know, I am so not punk.

  3. Hahahaha! WhatEVER, her and Derryk with a Y are like TOTALLY going to be together, like, FOREVER forever. Not like, Hollywood forever. Because, they’ve got so much in common that they like, well, you know. HEY! Let’s get matching tattoos!

    (mark my words people, it’s coming.)

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