Posted by: Chelsea Novak | July 4, 2006

Pick up the rock and the bugs come out

With the two month mark not far away it has come time for me to, once again, dive into the scary world of wedding supply company Web sites. I’ve been really lucky so far in that a lot of my contacts for products and services have come to me by word-of-mouth, so I haven’t had to subject my eyes to all this terrible Web design to find the things that I need.

What alarms me more than the bad vendor sites that I’ve come across in my plunge into the wedding Web are the individual wedding preparation sites. I must be working on a different wavelength then the rest of the world. I thought that mentioning the wedding more than once a week on my blog was being way too blaby about the whole thing. Turns out there are people out there with 20 page Web sites dedicated to their wedding planning, with links and plugs for vendors, quizzes about how well people know the bride and groom (what is Cyndy’s favourite colour?) and a schedule for the wedding weekend (just in case anyone with access to the Internet wants to crash).

Yes, I made a Web site to accompany our invitation. A mind boggling three page site with info on directions and accommodations. I thought it was maybe a little much… Clearly not. I had no idea what insane proportions I could blow this whole thing into.

Then I discovered a bunch of online bridal forums and I walked through a door into a world of bridal insanity. Some of them were full of honest and earnest questions about weddings (my favourite forum topic so far “Chocolate fountain – Should I?”), some comforting universalities (like how it’s a frustrating and confidence shaking experience for everyone who is waiting for RSVPs to come back, *ahem*)and many useful tidbits of information (though the section on flowers almost made my brain explode – why can I only be sure of what I don’t want!). However, there were a lot of photos that involved dry ice. Dry ice!!!

And then I got to the dress section of the forum and saw the worst thing yet… A girl who had purchased the same dress as I have for her wedding in April… And it did not look like I think it looks in my head. Eeek! Just when I thought I’d gotten over all my dress-stress I see this! Gah! A week before the first fitting too! Maybe it didn’t fit her like it fits me, but man, it sucks to see stuff like that.

From this point on, I do my looking for wedding related products in person.



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