Posted by: Chelsea Novak | June 21, 2006

A near-life experience?

Last night I came a lot closer than anyone should to an 18-wheeler while driving home. I can make all kinds of excuses about being overtired or too cavalier with my Gardinder Expressway on-ramps, but the bottom line is that I was dumb about it and I nearly got M and I killed. A collision was avoided (not because I did the right thing and accelerated, but did the panic thing and hit the brakes and just got lucky) and no one was hurt, but I’d be a liar if I didn’t confess that I’m a little shaken.

I feel strange today. I feel really fortunate that it turned out the way it did and at the same time I’m berating myself for being careless in the way that only a person who was lucky enough to avoid the accident can. I’m not traumatized and I’ll be fine behind the wheel again, but I did wear my Birkenstocks to work today, because life is too short to wear uncomfortable shoes every day.

And maybe my experience wasn’t a dire enough brush with death, but Tyler Durden totally lied. Breakfast the day after you face the idea of your own mortality and escape is not the best breakfast you’ve ever had.




  1. Birkenstocks? Really?

  2. Better than Crocs!

  3. Better than coffee!

    Not a lot to say other than “I’m glad that you didn’t get smooshed.” It would have made me very, very sad.

  4. Oh no! Glad you’re okay.

    And the moment I have a garden to putter about in, I’m getting me some Crocs!

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