Posted by: Chelsea Novak | June 17, 2006


OH the world cup is such fun. I enjoy watching sports. I’m a lot like my father in that respect, though neither of us watch golf, a true credit to our taste. And like almost everyone else in Toronto, I’ve gotten into soccer/football madness. And I have to say that I kind of enjoy it.

I work with and know a lot of people who are immigrants or first generation Canadians so the cup provides them with an opportunity to talk about where they’re from. Maybe it’s a holdover from living overseas, but I love hearing those stories. Also it’s fascinating to see people all over the city crowd in front of TVs in store fronts and in bars and actually talk to eachother. That doesn’t happen so much in Toronto. And not to sound all “Somewhere out there” but the idea that billions of people around the world are doing the same thing at the same time, it’s really cool.

While there is no Canadian team for me to cheer for, I have opted to cheer for my future husband’s native land. There isn’t a Czech part of town, but you do see the flags every so often. I’ve tried to lobby Matej for a Czech flag for us, but apparently he has even more taste to his credit than I do. We settled on a smaller sticker of the Czech crest for the car.

Not that it helped them win today, but hopefully with Italy and the USA coming to a draw the door is still open to the next round.



  1. There is total madness for the England team here, of course, but people don’t quite believe me when I tell them that it was just as crazy in Toronto, and that no matter what teams played, SOMEONE would be driving around honking their horns until 2 am! Good times.

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