Posted by: Chelsea Novak | June 1, 2006

X-2: Friends redux

———- Original Message ———————————-
From: Alasdair
To: Chelsea
Date: Wed, 31 May 2006 13:43:34

So what’s this about you still not having seen X-Men? If we get all the way to the weekend and you still haven’t seen it, I’ll go with you.

From: Chelsea
To: Matej
Date: Wed, 31 May, 2006 14:52

There is someone in the world who will see X-Men with me!

From: Matej
To: Chelsea
Date: Wed, 31 May, 2006 15:25

I’ll see it with you. Just not on opening weekend. Which has past, so now it’s moo.


And now we wait…




  1. “Which has past, so now it’s moo.”

    He’ll see it with you when the cows come home?

  2. He he. I’m beginning to think so.

    Moo is from an episode of Friends when Rachel is trying to ask Tag out after he’s brokne up with his girlfriend:

    Joey: It’s a moo point.

    Rachel: A…moo point?

    Joey: Yeah, you know…it’s like a cows opinion…just doesn’t matter. It’s moo.

  3. More importantly, how is it that you and Matej had that conversation a full year before the movie came out?

  4. Sorry! My title was misleading. The X2 was in reference to how this is my second “I still haven’t seen X3 post.”

    I think we saw X2 fairly swiftly when it came out because we were still in Prague. There’s less opening weekend hysteria there.

  5. I guess typing the wrong date in the e-mail headers was pretty misleading too!

    I’ve been doing that all week.

  6. I would see X3 with you as well; I have heard tell of seeing it this weekend, perhaps followed by — or following — some grillage?

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