Posted by: Chelsea Novak | May 12, 2006

The healing itch

I bought this really cute pair of black flats this weekend at Feet First. I bought them at a smart shoe store and pair a fair price for them. A price that should mean that they are well made shoes. And I think they actually are well made, it’s just that my feet aren’t well made for them.

I wore them on Monday and I wore them on Wednesday. Wednesday night I had four large holes missing from my outer layer of skin on my heels. I blister so easily it’s not even funny. During the basketball years I had blisters on my arches and backs of my heels each the size of a silver dollar from a gorgeous pair of Air Jordans. I remember at basketball camp I had to do this thing where my feet would be taped, a trainer would put this green friction reducing goop on my heel, I’d put on a pair of socks, another helping of green goop and then a second pair of socks. This was the only way I could wear shoes because of those blisters.

You see, not only are my feet HUGE, but they’re also wide. Those Air Jordans were slim shoes, much like how those flats are slim shoes. I really should have known when they fit both Dawn and Laura so well, my friends of slender feet, that it would be a skinning experience for me.

So I have these blisters. Two on the very back of the heel and two on the outer edge of the heel. Luckily there are all kinds of products on the market now for healing and coping with blisters. What I’m trying now after an unsuccessful stint with simple bandaids and Dr. Scholl’s blister pads are these new Band-Aid Advanced healing bandages.

They tell you when you put these things on to try to leave them on as long as possible as they try to function like actual scabs on the skin. Unlike scabs, they are padded and protect the wound from further damage. I’m not sure how they work, but something on the surface of the bandage puffs up like it’s full of foam or something like that. It’s hard to explain. It looks strange, but it doesn’t hurt and it helps to heal the wounds faster.

You know, so I can wear the shoes again soon.




  1. It’s not you, it’s the shoes. I can attest that I also had blisters on my heels and toes after wearing them for a full day on Monday. Mike watched me limp home – not pretty. Flat shoes shouldn’t be this painful. They are cute, though 🙂
    — Dawn

  2. I love those things! (The band-aids, not the flats — which I’m sure are cute.)

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