Posted by: Chelsea Novak | April 17, 2006

All the birds in the sky

M and I did a good job of making the best of this long weekend. Rainy Friday provided the perfect opportunity to get some housework done, get all necessary couch potatoing out of our system and the weather cleared in time for a nice walk and dinner at The Local.

Saturday we took advantage of the sunny sky and hit High Park to look for some birds. We saw heaps and heaps of Grackles (//Lisa Simpson: I saw a grackle!//), a Northern Shoveler and a Bufflehead. M was much impressed by all of this. Me, I was looking at the trees. I like trees.

We had a great lunch on a new full-service patio at the Grenadier Cafe, later met M’s parents for dinner, then made our way to Mike & Tyla’s to watch the end of the hockey game and to unite me with my very pretty wedding shoes.

Today we were good birders (I’m more of a birder sherpa) and drove up to Beamer Memorial Conservation Area to catch some of the hawk migration. I’m not sure if any hawks were seen. I did see two Turkey Vultures from less than 20 feet away (shouting to M like Newt from Hercules “Look at that! Look at that!”), saw what real live birders look like up close (impressive equipment and bird knowledge) and I got to see a bunch of Blue Jays. It’s always a good day when I can see a Blue Jay. We had our lunch beside a babbling brook and walked through the conservation area for three or four hours. As much as I mock M for getting into this hobby (I snidely remarked as we walked past the collection of serious birders “Look at your future.”), it’s actually a very civilized way to spend a Sunday.

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Freebird” by Lynard Skynard



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