Posted by: Chelsea Novak | April 5, 2006

Look at me I’m begging for more more more

I don’t think there’s anything as awesome as going for a cupcake tasting. Let’s pause for a moment and revel in the wonder of mankind and the progress of humanity, my fortune at being born in the place and time that I have and advances in the dessert industry. I was at a fricking cupcake tasting! With incredible cupcakes!! I’m really not a good enough person to deserve this. Cupcake tasting!

Even better was the spectacular sugar high that I rode for at least an hour after the tasting. Most sugar highs are quick and fleeting, but this one, it got a good grip and made me nice and hyper.

Which makes me wonder if anyone every really opts not to order these cupcakes after a tasting. There’s really no way for you to make a reasoned judgement when you’re that hepped up. You’d agree to just about anything for another buttercream hit.

In other and completely unrelated news, I have five pounds to work off.

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Sugar is Sweeter” by CJ Bolland



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