Posted by: Chelsea Novak | March 24, 2006

The usual, big square building filled with boredom and despair

My mother forwarded my sister and I a letter from one of our highschool teachers. It seems the long, death-like reach of the highschool reunion has come forth to claim us. Thankfully, rather than bring us back year by year, my highschool has mercifully lumped all fifty years worth of students into one, three-day event. Meaning if I decide not to go back, it’s very much unlikely that my absence will be noted.

//puts on the much hated Nickleback’s “Photograph” because it sadly works for this situation… Looks at highschool photographs

I’ve been out of highschool for 11 years now. Yeah. What a strange time in life. I’m still in touch with Laura as getting through those five years created an ever-lasting friendship. But looking back at all these photos and my seriously over-plucked eyebrows… It’s just a mix of emotions.

I remember playing a lot of basketball and playing a lot of double bass. There was a lot of drama, a lot of angst and a good lot of time spent driving the roads around Kingston listening to the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Kate Bush, EMF, Stone Temple Pilots, Belly and Jesus Jones.

I got a school letter at graduation for my achievements in sports, music and student’s council. I also had a school jacket that said “Falcons Basketball” on the back, with my number and position on the side. I have a class ring too. The stone… Garnet of course as our school colours were garnet and grey. I did stuff and I was involved, black eyeliner use aside.

I remember my car very fondly. We mostly called it “The Beast” for obvious reasons. I mostly loved it. It was a totally no-pressure car. It was on it’s last legs, I could fit two double basses in it and my parents and I covered it in surf and snowboard stickers to give me that very important Kingston extreme sports cred. It was actually a really smart plan. The people I fooled.

I have all these photos of people with their arms slung around eachother like we were all going to be best friends forever. I think I even knew then that for the most part it was an act. With the notable exception of company of La, I didn’t really ever find that I really connected with anyone in highschool. They were, for the most part, nice and good people working their way as best they could through adolescence. I guess we just weren’t really making our way through in the same fashion. Truth be told, I didn’t really feel like I fit until I met my friends in University and beyond.

Like everyone else I harbour a few resentments and I know that there are a bunch of things that I owe people apologies for. No one grows up without making a few mistakes. (Like wearing overalls that much! And if you can see it, that is a plaid coat. Oh grunge)

I guess I have some time to decide if I’m going to go back. I feel like I’m a totally different person from who I was then. I wonder really, when I’m back in the company of these people if I’ll see if I’ve changed at all.

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Philadelphia Freedom ’76” by Elton John (inside joke)




  1. What the hell is on Joey’s head?

  2. Oh, come on, you were so cute in your overalls and Doc Martens! 🙂

  3. Brave woman…posting all those pictures from the past. Not sure I’d have the stones to post my grade 9 picture

  4. Oohh, there’s nothing from grade nine in there. The photos go: OAC Formal, Grade 12, Grade 12, Grade 12, Grade 12 and the last one was from grade 10.

    At that, is pretty much all the photos I have of me from that time in my life. I was really good at hiding from cameras.

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