Posted by: Chelsea Novak | March 21, 2006

Why honk?

The walk from my streetcar stop to my front door is about six or seven blocks down a busy street. Normally it’s a pleasant walk. In the spring and summer the trees in the park are in bloom and I’m either seeing them bathed in morning sun or through the halo of the end of day light. In the fall, it’s all beautiful colours and fresh air. Winter is a bit of a bitch, I won’t lie, but I still love my walk.

That is until some jackass ruins it by honking at me. Why do people honk? Honking is something that should be reserved for communicating to other drivers when they need to be made aware of your presence (or in M’s case, be made aware of your rage) or to alert a pedestrian that may be crossing in front of your moving car. Why people need to honk at someone walking down the side of the road, completely out of danger and relevance I don’t know.

It’s not like most of the time I’m dressed in any kind of way elict honking. Like today, wearing a basically shapless white coat, a pink hat, scarf, knee-length skirt and boots… sorry, but that does not warrant honking. Sometimes I think I’ve seen people shaking their fists at me in anger, which I find really baffling. Since when does walking down the road warrant random anger?

I just don’t get it and it’s really annoying. I’m walking along, happily listening to music and someone honks and occasionally yells something at me as they speed by. I can rarely understand what’s being yelled and really, what the hell do the honking people expect? I understand when it’s a group of guys in the car. Understand is the wrong word. I know why, it’s that stupid men in groups mentality that causes their collective IQ to decrease exponentially with each additional man added to the mix. Shouting at a passing girl has nothing to do with the girl at all, it’s just bravado and sadly, I’m used to that.

The men who honk at me when they’re by themselves in their cars, they creep me out. I mean they’re honking and speeding by. If I held myself in such low esteem that honking actually caught my attention, how would they know? It’s all really strange and it continues to ruin my walks down the street. Sometimes shouting back or flipping them the finger helps me feel better, but not really. My moment is still ruined. Stupid honkers, please stop messing with my walk.




  1. Were they knee-high boots? How can these fools be blamed? A 6-foot glamazon in boots and a pink hat. You know not your power.

  2. Comedian Kenny Robinson has a whole routine about this, and I agree with his theory.

    Basically, men honk because we’re out of ideas.

  3. They honk ’cause you’re hot, and you’re wearing a skirt and knee-high boots. Even with the “shapeless coat” (which knowing you, is likely beautiful and impeccably accessorized) they still see long shiny hair, a skirt, and knee-high boots.


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