Posted by: Chelsea Novak | March 17, 2006

Even colds bring good memories

I’m sick today. It’s something that always happens to me after a prolonged period of stress. Be it exams, getting ready for Christmas or getting ready for a big event, it doesn’t matter. As soon as the stress is over my immune system tells me it’s payback time. I’ve had colds in July because of this thing that I do.

The last time I had a cold it wasn’t so bad. I was really happy because I’d made it through Christmas without getting sick. I woke up the morning that M and I were flying down to New York City and I knew I had a cold. I brought along some of my much beloved Life Brand cold medication and I was determined to make the best of it. And it was a very good idea that I did. I only had that cold for that day and after M proposed, I don’t think I was really aware of my symptoms for the rest of that day. Too bad you really only get proposed to that one time. It makes for a great cold remedy.



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