Posted by: Chelsea Novak | March 12, 2006

Wound up

I’ve been truant. I’m sorry. Work has been chewing me up and spitting me out and not leaving much in the way of personal insight or observation.

Wedding planning continues, and at times, it is exactly the mental reprieve I need. We’ve got pretty much all the ducks in a row now and it’s on to the fun stuff. We’re now in the “four to six months” ahead part of planning. Which according to “The Martha” this is when we: Reserve rental equipment (done), arrange wedding day transportation (easily done as it’s all happening at one venue), order stationary/invitations (in progress as we’re designing it ourselves), reserve accommodations (done), purchase groom’s attire, choose attendant’s attire (ready for sea-foam green girls? ;-)), register, purchase wedding rings, sign up for dance lessons (weeee!).

So there’s a good amount of time to get all that completed. In the mean time, M and I have been trying to figure out the music I’m going to walk in to. We’re music people and the music is one of the few details that are really important to me.

I’d had this idea of the song that I was going to use for ages. It was just this thing I knew, but in revisiting it, actually thinking about it in the context of getting married and playing it for M, I’ve cooled on it. So I’m back at square one, which is both good and bad. It’s bad in that a detail I thought I had totally sorted out I now don’t (ack!). It’s good in that I have an opportunity to scour through all the music that’s meaningful to me and it gives M and I a chance to do something we always love to do; talk about music.

Plus, music soothes the savage beast so doing this and continuing to work out is keeping me from going bonkers from work stress. Yay for that.

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Music gets the best of me” by Sophie Ellis Bextor




  1. is “murder on the dance floor” out?

  2. Something from Xanadu, definitely.
    Because you’re wearing a sparkly polyester gown, right? And rollerskates?

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