Posted by: Chelsea Novak | March 6, 2006

Behind the looking-glass

We don’t talk about work. That’s a very stupid thing to do when you’re what I am. But it’s strange. So much of my day is spent working, so much happens at work that shapes my outlook and it all stays inside the walls of my cubicle. True, it’s not mine to share, but it does keep me very busy.

Which I suppose is what irks me about it all. To the outside observer, or blog reader, things look positively pedestrian, but from 9 to 5, my life is a bit of a malestrom of madness. Not my madness to share, but madness I experience none the less.

Speaking of madness… Who knew that Natalie Portman was so gangsta?




  1. Who know she had a d**k?? She mentions one in the song, I’m pretty sure.

    I saw this live, and I loved it, though it was a pale shade of Lazy Sunday I thought.

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