Posted by: Chelsea Novak | February 13, 2006

Recent Obsessions and Fixations

I have a couple of obsessions going on, most of them healthy. The biggest of which is watching 24 on Monday nights. It’s gotten so bad that I have found myself avoid social plans on Monday nights. I won’t answer the phone when the show is on. It’s all a little crazy, but Jack is just so awesome it’s worth a little crazy.

Another thing I’m crazy about these days is ebay. I guess everyone goes through their ebay phase, but I’m still waiting for this one to end. It started last October when I was trying to get an antique pen for M for Christmas. In the process of hunting down a version of this pen I found that you could get brand new, discontinued, limited edition makeup palettes for less than you would have paid retail, if you still could. I’ve only purchase about three palettes through ebay so far (my auction winning skills took a little time to hone), but the whole experience of looking is getting close to as much fun as the Sephora Web site.

And aside from my usual obsessions (cleaning, being surrounded by good smells and the music of Muse) I’m entering a new obsessive phase with my highly problematic skin. Hopefully this phase will be less of me trying to tear it off my face in frustration and more like my successful dieting endeavours.

Dermatology has failed me again. In an effort to avoid going on accutane again, I was using a very simple regimen of a high-grade prescription vitamin A cream and a very mild cleanser. Sure it was easy, but the results were so much less than I find acceptable and I’m tired of wearing makeup to conceal. I want to wear it to embellish.

So I’m trying the commercial route, which is a lot more complex and currently burns with the fire of a couple of hot suns. It should be a breakout-tacular few weeks ahead. If it works, I’ll write about it on The Royal Beauty. If it’s doesn’t work, I may just have to start wearing a burka.

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Glass Ceiling” by Metric




  1. OK, I also have skin that won’t behave. Have you tried that outrageously hyped ProActiv stuff? I don’t want to give in to the commercial hijinx of Jessica Simpson, but really, I’m nearly 28 years old and this is getting silly. Your thoughts?

  2. I am skeptical. I actually did a 180 around bedtime last night and went back to the dermatologist’s stuff as the burning just seemed totally wrong. I was giving Murad a shot and it was just too strong. gmail me your address and I’ll mail it over to you if you’d like.

  3. I recommend Neutrogena Healthy Skin face lotion with alpha-hydroxy. It kind of brings stuff up to the surface at first (which enables popping, ugh) but the eventual effect (give it a week) is good.

    I, too, am curious about whether ProActiv works.

  4. Oh, and for the 24 thing, I recommend TiVo! (sorry Matej)

  5. My girlfriend happened to be around during the two-night, four-hour season premier of “24” a few weeks ago. She had never seen the show, and I was already a complete idiot over it.

    She started those four hours off by shrugging her shoulders as I freaked out completely over the murder of a bunch of characters that she didn’t know. But by the end, she was completely impatient for the next episode.

    I think that this relationship of ours is going to work out just fine.

  6. Have you tried the regimen? It works really well for me when I’m having a bad skin phase, and I’ve heard a lot of other people swear by it.

    Another thing I’d recommend if you haven’t tried is a BHA toner — although you have to be really picky about which type because it needs to be pH balanced and apparently most of them aren’t. (Sigh. There’s so darn little *science* in the cosmeceuticals industry.)

  7. I’ve tried the Neutrogena. No effect and I used it for a good 6 months. Other than Proactiv, I’ve tried it all. When I went to see my dermatologist for the first time, I brought a sack full of all the skin care products I had in my bathroom. He had me toss it all, save my Cetaphil cleanser and commented that I could have gone out for a couple of nice dinners with the money I’d spent on it all.

    I have read the regimen and it’s basically identical to what I’m doing with the vitamin A (which is .1 % vitamin A acid, the highest dose of cream available, so my derm says). I think the issue is that I just have really, really active oil glands. Evil, active oil glands. Sure, I’m not going to wrinkle up any time soon, but will I EVER finish adolescence?

  8. Since I know you’ve experienced years of frustration over skin issues I can understand the desire to have it resolved once and for all. You certainly deserve a break. My only comment is that, damn it, you SHOULD be a professional makeup artist, because you hide any flaws so well that I’d never have guessed you had them. I think your skin has been looking lovely, and particularly radiant with all the happiness lately! 🙂

  9. Try proactiv …. I tried it and it works. Not only this but it makes your skin so UNBELIEVABLY smooth. The hype is real.

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