Posted by: Chelsea Novak | February 7, 2006

Keeping the universe in balance one shopping experience at a time

So wedding dress shopping has been very fruitful. I’m down to a couple of lovely options and will be making the final call with the help of the one who’s dressed me the most in my life, my mother, next weekend. Indeed I am flying high on the experience of actually fitting into dresses and looking good in them. It’s cool and makes all the work worth it.

But something occurred to me today. You can lose all the weight you like to fit into the clothes you love, but no matter what you do, you can never shrink your feet. I’ve accepted that the chances of me finding beautiful shoes in my size for my wedding day are really slim, if not absolutely impossible. It’s not an easy need to meet. I have size 11 feet and I want as little heel as possible. I’d also like to wear shoes that aren’t going to kill me with pain, which rules out most of the cute shoes out there. I don’t think I could be further from the wedding norm. Which is basically what I’m striving for in most cases, except that most shoe companies provide shoes for the critical mass, aka: the wedding norm.

It’s good that I’m wearing a long dress and really, no one is going to be looking at my feet. That helps. But keep in mind that I’m a shoe person. M and I have closets full of shoes, closets. It seems incongruous that for a day when I really want to look great that I cover my feet in something orthopaedic looking because it’s the only thing that meets my requirements.

It may seem early to be concerned about this, but I’ve learned from the sales people that scolded me about leaving shoe shopping too late. I really do need to start shopping for summer shoes months before other people do because those elevens go quickly. If any of you are out and about and see a shoe (or even two) that’s a one inch heel or so, white (ivory or off-white, even better), classy and just plain beautiful, let me know. I have a feeling this search is going to be a group exercise.

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Move Your Feet” by Junior Senior




  1. White, classy and just plain beautiful?

    That suits you in the same way pet-owners start looking like their dogs.

  2. My very tall and willowy cousin-in-law opted for white ballet slippers on her wedding day. She was able to dance comfortably into the wee hours. Maybe that’s an option you should explore?

    Also – congrats!

  3. a good friend of mine opted for kitten heels for the ceremony and then white satin ballet slippers for reception/dancing.

  4. Thanks for suggestions. I’d totally forgotten about ballerina flats and there are so many cute ones out there. There is hope after all!

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