Posted by: Chelsea Novak | January 27, 2006

So I can get my satisfaction

Today was a really good day for checking off boxes on my to do list. I love checking items off lists so much that I run the risk of becoming one of those OCD people who can’t actually use the washroom unless it’s on the list of things to do for the day. But maybe that’s enough sharing.

I was able to check off seven to-dos from the Martha Stewart wedding list today. It’s a good list that asks enough questions for me to elaborate on, but isn’t a large and scary book covered with images of soft focus flowers. Anyway, today’s work leaves us a mere five items to complete in the next two months. Dress choice, officiant, florist, photographer and a decision (or even a notion) about music for the ceremony (We’ve got the reception music sussed).

Of course this doesn’t mean that I haven’t been over-achieving about to-do items in other sections of the list. I MAY have already downloaded and completed the forms for the wedding license, maybe. I MAY have already started collecting information on assuming M’s last name, maybe. I MAY have started bidding on a key mystery item for the reception on ebay, maybe.

So with all that in the works, I can relax some. Maybe read a book, bake cookies, rescue some orphans from a burning schoolhouse, continue work on my world-domination plot, nap… you know, back to normal.

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Satisfaction” by Benny Bernassi & The Biz




  1. I am a lazy bride, and no one can make that clearer to me than you. 😉

  2. so will you be taking the traditional “ova” on the end of your new (and not nearly so amusing) last name?

  3. No. Just the standard way. It doesn’t make much sense outside of the Czech Republic.

  4. Wait, you’re seriously contemplating losing the “Gay” portion of “Chelsea Gay”? But it won’t be nearly as funny to know/Google you if it goes! (Which is *clearly* the most important thing.)

    As to the checklist, if you have already written your vows, I’m officially scared by you.

  5. Vážená pí. Nováková,

    Please let me know if I can help with the world-domination plot.


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