Posted by: Chelsea Novak | January 25, 2006

Pout: Eye duo (Miss September & Miss Scotland), Shiseido Bronze Flash

There was this page in the fall Sephora Czarina catalogue of a redhead done up with green eyeshadow and bronze blush that I became just a little obsessed with. Just look at it. Stunning.

It took me some time but I was able to assemble the colour components of this stunning look. Not to be hindered by the fact that I’m really not a green-eyed redhead, I made it a misson to get my hands on Pout’s Eye Duo in Miss Scotland (and a packet of the duo in Miss September because it’s my birth month and actually the right colour for brown eyes). Sure, it would look better on someone with green eyes, but it doesn’t look bad on me. That’s the cool thing about colour. Done right you can break out of your prescribed colour modes and have some fun.

The Bronze Flash from Shiseido (the company’s name that I can NEVER, EVER pronouce without sounding like a hick) has become a staple of my makeup bag. Breaking out of my pink mold has been a slow and sometimes painful process. Bronze was something I never thought I would be happy with, yet this stick just gives me a wonderful glow.



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