Posted by: Chelsea Novak | January 11, 2006

Stila: Gold palette

There’s no need to go into my ever lasting love of palettes. I love them, they rock and I got more for Christmas which has made me a very, very happy girl.

My most recent acquisition was the Stila Deluxe Palette in Golden Moon. I have so much makeup that’s based in the cool tones that I felt it was time to explore the vast pantheon of colours in the neutrals and warm tones. To that end I decided to go for golds to warm up my pasty winter skin and soften my face.

As usual Stila has great colours (Four eye shadows in Starlight, Mahogany, New Golden Brown, and a new Bronzy Brown,a Primrose Cheek Color, a Golden Peach Lip Color, and Caramel Lip Gloss. Yay!)and great packaging (fits nicely in my makeup bag too!), and they very thoughtfully included three brushes with this palette as well (a Lip Brush, Eye Shadow Crease Brush, and an Eye Liner Brush).It’s a really, really handy set for traveling too.

There’s also a rose version of the palette if you’re not ready to delve into the world of the warm.


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