Posted by: Chelsea Novak | January 5, 2006

Stablize your rear deflectors

I’m really going to have to get a grip on this ridiculously happy thing. I’m running the risk of tarnishing my cool and embittered exterior. However, being this happy and excited is just so much fun. I may have to develop a new persona to sustain it all.

Life has been a lot of wedding planning in the last week. It’s pretty much awesome. Event planning is one of the things that I do really well and there’s nothing more fun than planning a party for the people you love. It’s going to be a (pardon my language) fucking awesome good time.

But it’s not without it’s challenges. I’m trying to keep perspective and not get eaten alive in the vicious chompers of the wedding industry. It’s a good thing I’ve got M around to help me keep it real, lest I come home one day insisting on useless chair covers running $200 a pop. Chair covers. Oh the stories I’ve heard in the past week.

When I’m drowning in a taffeta sea of the 2000 some wedding dresses I looked at online this weekend (finding one that I would even consider wearing) or when I am under attack from a fleet of tacky, flying floral stationary I just repeat in my head “Stay on target.”

Today’s sing-a-long song: “Come into my world (Fisherspooner Remix)” by Kylie Minogue




  1. Get a dress made! You’ve got way better taste than most wedding dress designers. It probably wouldn’t be much more expensive than most of those overpriced frothy concoctions in wedding boutiques.

  2. Hey – Congratulations! For my two cents (now that I have strong opinions about wedding gowns)… Absolutely get a dress made! Good luck finding anything mass-market that isn’t *horrid*. Out of thousands, the only dress I found that I would have worn was by a Swedish designer in NY (; the Zibeline halter w/ ruffle neck), who told me when I called that I’d have to come to their atelier in NY for all the fittings. Several x-country trips + dress being waaaay out of my price range, I had no choice but to find a couturier in Van, which I did, and she was great. The price was on par w/ a higher-end store bought dress; there’s lots of flexibility given different designs and fabrics. Apparently most of the cost is the material (which worked out for me, since I wanted a sleeker, more sophisticated look – meaning I could opt for the best imported silk). It’s a lot more time, since you’ll have several consultations and fittings (I think i went in maybe eight to ten times) instead of just two or three fittings, but it is so worth it! Good luck; I’m sure you’ll look gorgeous! -Natasha.

  3. Hey Chelsea, are you around this week? I think I’m going to be in Toronto …

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