Posted by: Chelsea Novak | December 5, 2005

Let’s make it a trend

After watching M toil over his iTunes playlist of 20 favourite songs, I got thinking about what I would put on my list. So on the way to work today I passed the time by creating my own.

I think it would be interesting to see how this would change from season to season, or from mood swing to mood swing. I found myself cutting out songs because they were too new and hadn’t really been proven past the fickly fancy phase that sees so many songs come in and out of my favour. Anyway, in no particular order.

1. “Teardrop” by Massive Attack
2. “New Born” by Muse
3. “Even Deeper” by Nine Inch Nails
4. “World In My Eyes” by Depeche Mode
5. “6 Underground” by the Sneaker Pimps
6. “Finale/End Credits” by John Williams from Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back
7. “Gorecki” by Lamb
8. “Let’s Go Crazy” by Prince
9. “Every Breath You Take” by The Police
10. “Cigarettes And Chocolate Milk” by Rufus Wainwright
11. “Danse Macabre” by Camille De Saint Seans
12. “Always On My Mind” by the Pet Shop Boys
13. “Exit Music (For A Film)” by Radiohead
14. “Bachelorette” by Bjork
15. “Canned Heat” by Jamiroquai
16. “Stay (Faraway, So Close) by U2
17. “Violin Concerto In E Minor, Second Movement” by Felix Mendelssohn
18. “The Waitress” by Tori Amos
19. “Shake Your Rump” by The Beastie Boys
20. “Symphony No. 25 In G Minor” by W.A. Mozart

No sing-a-long song today. I’ve given you 20!




  1. Some excellent choices. Not all my favourites, of course, but definitely some of my favourites by those artists. And I see you weren’t following my no cover versions rule. That’s cool. I’m curious what restrictions other people put on themselves when creating similar lists.

    I’m now considering a list of my 20 recent favourites. We’ll see.

  2. I can’t belive you put Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto over Hebrides…

    And NO Randy Newman????? What the beans?![/Carly]

    Seriously, Chel, I would be interested in reading your top 20 classical / orchestral pieces — they really deserve their own list.

  3. Surely you understand that a lot of those songs are there for both their merits and sentimental reasons.

  4. Most of those songs always remind me of you when I hear them! But I wish you’d included Philadelphia Freedom . I suppose with only twenty choices some things must be omitted.

  5. My favourite Laura songs would have that song at the top. How often does the whiperwill of freedom zap you right between the eyes?

  6. Hee!

    I hope your back is on the mend ASAP!

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