Posted by: Chelsea Novak | November 27, 2005

Very much of the good

My mother is in town this weekend, which means copious amounts of food are being consumed, a copious amount of shopping is being done and a general overall feeling of joy and goodness has infused my days.

Also, I have more boots. I was slightly scolded by the salesman at Brown’s for leaving boot shopping so late. According to him, I got lucky, since all the size 11s are usually gone in October. He even told me what months I should start my shoe shopping for summer (March! Can you believe it). However, it found exactly what I wanted. A pair of warm, lined, water proof, stylish and barely heeled winter boots. They are heavenly.

To add to all this joy, I had sushi for dinner and M is further proving that he is the best boyfriend ever by letting me watch Grease 2 on TV.


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