Posted by: Chelsea Novak | November 27, 2005

MAC: Prep + Prime Skin

I have my friends so well trained that when they hear the words “makeup” or “cosmetics” they immediately contact me with the new information they’ve procured. It’s just too awesome and I love it. After years upon years of pavlovian conditioning my dream has been realized. I know have a highly intelligent army of discerning and beautiful women reporting back their discoveries to me. Mwaa ha and ha.

I was able to enjoy the fruits of all my evil work with Tyla last week, when she very generously invited me to attend a MAC event with her. Tyla is an excellent makeup buddy because she has super-librarian powers. You wouldn’t typically think that librarian would mesh with cosmetics-lust, but you just wait until you need concrete information on sunscreen and are without a makeup obsessed kindred professional to guide you through the piles and piles of literature. You just wait.

So we’re at MAC and they’re plying us with drinks, cookies, cheese and chocolate dipped strawberries. Already I’m in a great place, but then I get a good 10 minutes with “The Foundation Guy” who gives me the lowdown on Prep + Prime Skin. I’d heard raves about it from other members of my highly intelligent army of discerning and beautiful women. but wanted the first hand pitch and tester experience.

MAC is really good at things like foundations, I’m still afraid of their lip products, but I’ve been a devotee of their creme concealer from the age of 14. People think I have great skin. I don’t. My skin is terrible. I have MAC creme concealer and a MAC concealer brush. Thus, people think I have great skin.

My rouse is that much better with the Prep + Prime Skin. Primer gives you a lot of lasting power. I’m sure that most women these days are like me and are fortunate if they have two minutes to spare to check their face. I’d gotten used to the 4 p.m facial meltdown with other primers or no primer at all. I have oily skin and serious primer is needed. Tyla made a reference to Paris Hilton in House of Wax as I pled my “my god I need primer” case to her, describing my face at the end of the day.

So here’s the deal with Prep + Prime Skin. It makes the skin very soft and smooth. It fills in “character lines” beautifully and blush holds it’s colour a good three to four hours longer. There’s also less of the face melting. Prep + Prime Skin has a very subtle amount of sparkle in it as well. Just enough to give you a nudge of glow, but not so much that it would be inappropriate for the office.

All in all, it’s a great addition to your makeup rountine. It takes a second to put on, but gives you hours more good face time.



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