Posted by: Chelsea Novak | November 18, 2005

Stila: Smudge Pots

We used to have a cat named Roxanne. We was this adorable fluff of calico fur with a puffy tail and these eyes that were rimmed in black. My mother used to jokingly say to the cat “What time did you get up this morning to put your eyeliner on, Roxy?” She was a gorgeous cat and part of what made her so attractive was the drama of her eyes. She was like the Brigette Bardot of cats.

Now, human women are never born with automatic eyeliner like some of nature’s fluffier friends are, but we were born with opposable thumbs and cosmetic counters. As such we can, with relative ease, give our eyes drama.

For this Stila Smudge Pots are an excellent product. I am a woman of many eyeliners. I’ve tried them all and I thought I had found my favourite until I found this. It’s a gel/cream which means it goes on smooth and lasts. A good brush is a must for this kind of application and please, please, please try your hardest to get it on as close to your lash line as possible and get that line straight. It will take practice, but will be well worth it once you’ve mastered it.

Now as much as I loathe to say this, dramatic eyes should not be an every day thing, that is, unless you are a Hollywood starlet or something like that. You can’t make an impact with a look if you do it every day. As such, do a toned-down version of the dramatic black liner for work/daytime. Otherwise you run the risk of looking a little tramp-ish. Try brown, try less, try a modest line versus a big fat line straight from a 1960s french film. The fun is in the trying and the variety of ways you can get eyeliner to flatter.


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