Posted by: Chelsea Novak | October 22, 2005

Stila: Sun

Just before my birthday last month, I was given a chance to have my makeup done by one of the big makeup artists that work for Pout. Holt Renfew does things like this all the time. You go in, they do you up with their products and usually you buy something. I try to plan these little suck-up fests around big events so that I get the benefit of getting my makeup done and go out looking fabulous.

I don’t want to go into detail, because I don’t want to hate on anyone, but I basically came out of that experience looking like I was headlining as a Vegas showgirl. Fine for Vegas, but so out of hand that I wore sunglasses indoors, lest anyone see me escape from the store looking like that. Sadly this is what happens at most of these things. It happened to me at Origins too. MAC and Benefit actually left me feeling pretty and most recently Stila converted me into a rabid fan of their line after a positively magical makeover experience. Not only did the artist make me look awesome, but I learned a lot of application techniques.

As such, the next few reviews will be of Stila products. They’ve recently reduced their prices so I was able to get a lot more product for the same amount of money that I was planning on spending. Yee and haw.

The first of my spoils that I will share is the Stila Bronzer Sun. I’ve never really known how to use bronzer. I’ve spent a lot of time just enjoying my general pallor, loving blush and knowing enough that for special occasions I should dust a little blush on my forehead and nose. I owned a bronzer that was completely wrong for me. It had way too much shimmer, was way to dark and make me look like I’d brushed dirt on my face. Gorgeous.

As part of my Stila adventure I learned how to apply it (with a blush brush) and where to put it (generally where the sun would hit you first) and how very, very important it is to blend in circular motions after it’s been applied. So I start below my temples and work towards the apple of my cheek. I don’t go all the way over there, but instead that’s where my blush will go… and then it will all be blended some more. This makes it look like you’re just a little glowy. It’s not immediately apparent that you’re wearing bronzer (as it should be) but you just look healthy.

This is a good thing to get as the sun fades from our lives for yet another year. That and a seasonal effective disorder lamp and I should be set.



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