Posted by: Chelsea Novak | October 14, 2005

Frederik Fekkai: Glossing Shampoo & Conditioner

I have a drawer in my bathroom that is basically full of products that make hair shiny. I have straight, dark hair. I know what my hair can and can’t do. Grousing about the limitations of hair with no curl would take up more space than you’re all willing to read, so I will say this; one thing I can do is make my hair damn shiny.

I was given the whole glossing set for my birthday. Having tired and enjoyed the glossing cream I was looking forward to getting the complete system going on. First off, the shampoo and conditioner smell awesome and the good smell seems to stick even after you’ve dried your hair. Next, is does make your hair pretty shiny however they employ a bit of sneakery to get your hair that way. Part of the directions for using the shampoo and conditioner are that you rinse your hair with cold water. Here’s the thing, use any shampoo or conditioner and rinse with cold water and it will make your hair shinier. Using a shampoo and conditioner with olive oil in it with amplify that even more, but cold water is a key element.

With winter on its way, I can’t say that I’ve been rinsing with cold water as much as I should. Douse my head in cold water in the morning and you’ll have one very grumpy Chelsea on your hands. That said, I still get pretty glossy hair from it.

Bottom line, smells good, leaves hair in a good state and nice and shiny in cold or warm water.


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