Posted by: Chelsea Novak | October 12, 2005


By all accounts today should have been a crap day. It was grey, Prague grey. Most of the meetings I had today should have crushed my soul (I’m sure on some level they did), not to mention 85 per cent of the e-mails I got. I ate too many Twizzlers and got a monster headache (possibly from the sugar spiking in my blood or from the afformentioned soul crushing meetings). The left headphone in my wonderful set of Apple headphones-that-suck-for-everyone-else-but-me-because-I-have-strange-ears busted just as I was getting to work, thereby depriving me of peace on the way home and annoying me with the reality that I don’t have a spare $60 to get new ones and must return to my old painful ones. My knees were all crunchy and sore from my workout on Tuesday. Someone told me that my blog posts are better when I rant and that posts about my cat really suck (Yeah! Well, well… you suck!). I found a cat hair in my tea.

Indeed, normally these would be the makings of a good neurotic pity-party, but today, nope. Sometimes the mixture of all the bad, amazing, normal, beautiful or irritating things with the things in my life all mushed up togeter makes me feel really alive.

Either that, or it’s the Mozart. Beauty like that can make you forgive anything.

Today’s sing-a-long song: The Marriage of Figaro, Act IV, Ah Tutti Contenti
(I dare you to sing-a-long today)



  1. Hi Chelsea,

    If your Apple headphones are the white standard iPod sort, I have a spare pair I will happily give you for the low low price of free. (They hurt mine ears.) Email me if you’d like them.

  2. I think you’re in more of a ‘Elgar- Cello Concerto in E minor’ kind of a mood today!

  3. Thanks Sofi. I had the soft apple headphones because, like you, the standard ones were way too painful. Payday can’t come fast enough.

  4. Oh the power of music can drag anyone out of funk if it is the right music at that moment. JennO

  5. Waitasec, you don’t need apple headphones for your ipod, do you? I mean, unless it’s a fashion thing? I only have the shuffle, but regular headphones work fine with my ipod shuffle…

  6. You can use any kind of headphones, it just so happens that the soft apple ones are the best ones I’ve found for my ears.

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