Posted by: Chelsea Novak | October 5, 2005

Stila: Perfectly Plum

I like palettes. They make life really easy. For those in the world who do not enjoy mixing and matching shades of shadow and blush, palettes are really quite handy. And they usually only last a season or two, so they’re great for when you’re embracing something trendy.

Stila wins my heart over and over again because they put together the latest complimentary shades in absolutely adorable packaging. Don’t try to tell me the packaging doesn’t matter! I’ll put my hands over my ears and drown you out by singing Keely Smith songs really loud until you shut up. You know I will.

Anyway, this set of palettes comes in four varieties: Sage, Peach, Gold & Plum. I purchased Sage for someone with dark hair, a rosy complexion and hazel eyes. She also loves tweed, so really it couldn’t fail. Of course, I couldn’t leave it at just getting one for her, so I asked the kind lady at the Stila counter which one she thought would be best for me. I had a feeling it would be plum, since people have been all about putting purple on me for the last 3 years.

And guess what? Perfectly plum it was. I can’t say that I love the colour of the purple shadow in the palette. It does work with the other shades, but I find for my tastes, replacing it with the Cargo SmokyEye Liner Duo shadow Madagascar works a lot better for me. Regardless, it’s a handy palette for days when I need to do a post-work touch up and don’t feel like lugging 3 different shadows and a blush with me. Also the blush is a great colour, and the pigment is really intense. And that’s pretty much always a good thing to me.


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